The Government Employees Pension Fund is Africa’s largest pension fund, with 1 276 753 active members and 391 071 pensioners and beneficiaries as at 31 March 2014. We have more than R1.4-trillion in assets under management and are the single largest investor in Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed (JSE) companies.

Our core business, governed by the Government Employees Pension Law (1996), is to manage and administer pensions and other benefits for government employees in South Africa. We work to give members and pensioners peace of mind about their financial security after retirement and during situations of need by ensuring that all funds in our safekeeping are responsibly invested and accounted for and that benefits are paid out efficiently, accurately and on time.

The GPAA’s services to GEPF include:

  • Administering and facilitating the payment of all funds and benefits;
  • Actively engaging with all members, pensions and beneficiaries; and
  • Conducting member education and communication campaigns.

For more information, please visit the GEPF website at